The idea that the price and convenience of a pharmacy location are the only factors affecting customer loyalty has long gone. The best practices of many clearly showed that customers become regulars when the service at the pharmacy is significantly better. One of the components of quality service is the ability of a pharmacist to correctly diagnose the need of a buyer and help him make the right choice. This pharmacy clearly understands this ageless truth and its pharmacists are always willing to render comprehensive assistance. Jeffrey Berg, senior consultant from My Canadian pharmacy Group, has prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions Viagra generics for your attention. In case you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to contact him directly via filling out the contact form on the website or calling on the phone.

Is generic sildenafil as good as Viagra?

Today, the pharmaceutical market is saturated with both original drugs and their copies (generics), which are often quite effectively able to replace the original molecule and have a lower price. It is not surprising that medical manufacturers initially tried to copy Viagra (sildenafil citrate). Today, sildenafil is represented by a whole family of drugs manufactured by different countries; drugs vary widely in cost, availability, and certain properties.

The results of the conducted studies show that the effectiveness of generic sildenafil and safety is comparable to the original preparation. Medical trials have noted a significant positive effect on the erectile component of sexual function and all components of overall satisfaction with the sexual sphere, which has the best effect on the quality of life of patients taking sildenafil. Moreover, the safety profile of it proves that the incidence of side effects such as headache and skin redness was lower compared to the original drug. The positive effect of the drug on spermatogenesis was also noted, and its price in this case corresponds to the other analogues.

Is there a generic Viagra available?

Viagra which appeared in 1992 and immediately attracted the attention of the world medical community for its unique properties. It is not surprising that medical manufacturers initially tried to copy its active substance, sildenafil. Today, sildenafil is represented by a whole family of drugs manufactured by different countries; drugs widely vary in cost, availability, and certain properties. Let us consider the most popular representatives of this group:

Drug                           Side-effects (max %)            Country of origin
Viagra®                               12.8                                       USA
Vigrande®                               16.0                                       Turkey
Vizarsin®                             n/a                                           EU
Vizarin®                            17.0                                         EU
DInamico                              10.0                                        Israel
Maxigra                               n/a                                           EU
Olmax Strong                      n/a                                           EU
Silafil                                   16,0                                         EU
Sildenafil                             12.8                                        India
Taxier®                                n/a                                          EU
Tornetis®                            17,0                                         EU
Suhagra                                n/a                                          India
Kamagra                              n/a                                          India
Lovegra                               n/a                                           India
Erexil®                               10.9                                          EU

Interestingly, sildenafil generics available on Canadian and U.S. market are produced worldwide. Most generics are produced by EU countries and India. As far as pharmacokinetics are concerned, all generics, as a rule, repeat the profiles of the original active substance; the number of side-effects is approximately the same and averages from 10.9 to 17% with a duration of 4-5 hours. Indications and contraindications for all drugs are similar. Today, even an adapted sildenafil has been developed, designed specifically for women – it is intended for use in cases of increased vaginal dryness, anorgasmia and other diseases – but the clinical efficacy of the drug has not yet been proven.

Can you get Viagra without going to the doctor?

The number of drugs that cannot be bought without a prescription increases from year to year. It is still possible to get aspirin without a prescription, excluding for example codeine. The drug sildenafil is halfway there. When it is sold under the Viagra brand, a prescription is needed for the purchase. When it is sold in a package labeled Sildigra or packaged as a factory-made generic — Pfiagra, Eregra, and others — the prescription is not yet needed: manufacturers have the ability to legally bypass administrative slingshot. Thus, if you are looking for how to buy Viagra without a prescription, this possibility is.

What is the cost of generic Viagra?

The cost depends on the package size. For instance, 10 pills can be purchased for $18.99. Please, check the pricing here.

Is Sildenafil 20 mg the same as Viagra?

Viagra contains 50 or 100 mg of sildenafil. Thus, sildenafil 20mg will have a less pronounced effect. All in all, the original drug has a high price, but today there are a lot of Viagra generics on the market. These are drugs that act in a similar way and also use sildenafil, but in combination with cheaper excipients. These are safe solutions to restore normal erection available at a more affordable price.