After a few years of marriage with successful sexual relationship some couples start to experience problems in a bedroom, related to male impotence.

First and foremost, another partner in the couple with such problems should be attentive and act without any panic or pressure. Impotence is a very delicate subject for any man and it should be treated with respect, tactfulness and patience. At first, let’s figure out why males may experience problems in a bed.

Why a man fails in bed?

There are situations when a man at the most crucial moment declares that he is not in the mood. No need to think that a man always wanted his wife, and now suddenly became sick. Such situations quite often happen with men and there are very specific reasons for failures in bed. We will talk about them today.

Under failure in bed can be understood as not the onset of an erection, and vice versa, premature ejaculation or the absence of sexual discharge. However, it should be noted that if a man regularly has problems with ejaculation or potency, then this is a matter of some serious illness.

Therefore, a man as soon as possible need to consult a special doctor who specializes in male sexual problems — an andrologist. However, if bed failures are one-time things, then the man’s health is likely to be all right. Do not rush to panic in the event of an unexpected misfire, because the reasons for failures in bed, sometimes ridiculously banal.

The most common reasons of man’s failures in bed:

Age. It is worth noting that male potency depends on the state of health of the man and is influenced by age fluctuations. That is, a man of a certain age should have a certain rate of sexual acts per month. The younger the man, the more sexual intercourse. Therefore, this rate can vary from several sexual contacts per day to once a month. Deviations in one direction or another deplete the sexual sphere of a man, and can cause impotence.

Monotonous intimate relationships. Another reason for which a male fiasco can occur is the monotony of intimate relationships. That is, lovemaking begins in the same scenario, in the same pose. When each sex repeats exactly the previous one, it somewhat reduces the arousal of the man. Also, the monotony of life when a man works in one place for a long time and there are no bright events in life can also contribute to failures in bed. All this leads to fatigue and reduced potency.

Malnutrition. Improper nutrition is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction. In this case, abuse of fatty foods and sweet foods, overeating can lead to decreased libido. Malnutrition over time leads to the development of atherosclerosis. That’s why blood vessels begin to decrease and get narrow, including those that carry blood to an important organ. Some men naively believe that alcohol can increase their arousal. But it is not. If you abuse alcohol, then eventually you can earn impotence. However, in small doses, alcohol is really able to reduce a man’s fear of intimacy with a woman.

Prolonged sexual abstinence. If a man for a long time does not have sexual discharge, then a fiasco in bed can be considered a regular activity, rather than an exception. If, for example, a man has been on business trips for a long time, and does not hint at intimate relationships, this does not at all mean that he has cheated on his wife. He just needs some time to get used to his native environment again.

Excessive enthusiasm in sports. Andrologists believe that sport has a very negative effect on men’s health, as often athletic loads are associated with overstrain and overload. As a rule, a decrease in potency is observed in professional athletes. If a man wants to keep fit, then he needs to engage in sports that are useful for potency: tennis, skiing or swimming.

What the sexual partner should do if a man has problems in bed?

And if this nightmare for your man suddenly became a reality, it is very important to respond correctly to what is happening. Of course, if you value your relationship with him. You are now a rope dancer walking over an abyss, one wrong step — and your personal life will fly to hell.

First, the representative of a strong half of humanity, most likely, will not want to meet further with the girl who witnessed his fiasco and is now not too high, as he believes, of him as a man. Therefore, it is important to show him that your opinion of him was not affected. And it will not be easy.

Secondly, due to the weakness of his soul, a man may try to find someone to blame for his misfortune. And it will be easy to do. He will quickly come to the conclusion that it didn’t work out for him, because you weren’t good enough. Psychologists say that the man considers the best with whom he was at the height as the best sexual partner in his life. That’s why a partner should be smarter to keep this man satisfied with himself and continue trying to explore different sexual relationships or get a professional help.

So how to behave if your man fails in bed:

  1. Do not focus on the problem. Do not jump out of bed with the words: “Well, I see, today I can’t have sex!” Continue to caress your partner, as if you didn’t notice that he is failing. You can tell a man about your sexual fantasies, whisper cute nonsense in his ear, have a massage, at the same time take a seductive perspective or just talk on abstract topics. Your main goal is to show that nothing supernatural is happening. Most likely, he will calm down and everything will work out.
  2. Do not feel sorry for him and calm him down. The easiest way to undermine his confidence is to show sympathy. Phrases like “poor thing, you are not okay, are you?” will definitely not wake an alpha male in him, but rather assure that you are completely disappointed in him as in a man.
  3. Foreplay instead of a full-fledged sexual intercourse. You can offer him a game when everything is possible, except for direct contact. You can kiss and caress each other. This method helps a man to feel confident in his abilities, he will be able to better study your body, to accumulate its sexual energy.
  4. Do not make claims. And, of course, you should not press charges and make claims that you are now “left without a gift”. Guilty feelings can be manipulated for some time, but this is not something on which to build healthy long-term relationships.
  5. Do not discuss privacy outside the bedroom with your family/friends. If you tell your friends about the problem, it will not help you. But the sidelong glances and sympathetic smiles, he “cuts through” immediately. Such a blow to his self-esteem just will not benefit your relationship.

Urgent clinic s recommends visiting doctors and psychologists to treat erectile dysfunction on both levels — physical and psychological.