Cold sores are the ulcers in the corner of the mouth, but you can also get sores on the lips or face. Cold sores are often the same as oral herpes but can also be caused by vitamin deficiency. Behind the cold sores is often a virus, and you should avoid infecting others by being careful as long as the sores remain. Here you will find herpes ointment, creams and plasters that treat cold sores and relieve the discomfort.

Herpes virus has infected 70-90% of the population at some point, but does not always manifest itself as sores. Most commonly, the herpes simplex virus (HSV) causes cold sores, and especially the type HSV-1. HSV-2 can also cause cold sores but more often causes blisters around the genitals.

Cold Sore

When you have a cold sore, try to keep the sore as dry as possible. Good hand hygiene and avoiding poking the wounds reduces the risk that bacteria can get attached to the wounds and they can become infected. In addition, the risk of you spreading the virus further increases. You can also prevent new cold soresby protecting your lips from strong sunlight.

There are various over-the-counter medications that can relieve the symptoms and make oral herpes heal faster. Such medicines are antiviral creams and cold sore plasters. Both creams and patches have the best effect if you start using them as soon as you feel that you are getting cold sores. Some creams should not be used by children under 12 years of age. Ask the pharmacy if the medicine is suitable for your child.

If you are prone to cold sores you might consider ordering a batch of medicines to last you for a few months so that when the need arises you come prepared; in this case, an online service like Canadian Pharmacy are the obvious choice. But if you do not have any medication in your drug cabinet when the cold sore pops up on your face, a local pharmacy is where you will get all the necessary help.

Is it a cold sore? The symptoms to check

Oral herpes can appear quickly – in just a few hours – or develop over a couple of days and produce fluid-filled blisters. The blisters are sitting around the mouth, often in groups; they can itch and hurt. Blisters break after a while and leave small wounds that can be quite sensitive.

As the wounds begin to heal, they are gradually covered by scabs. Sometimes a scab cracks and then it can bleed a little. But it is not dangerous. It takes about a week from the time you notice you are getting a cold sore until the sore is completely healed.

Cold sore products

There is a special ointment that reduces the discomfort, but studies have shown that this only shortens the duration of the discomfort if you start the treatment early in the course.

If you have severe problems from oral herpes, are sensitive to infections or have eczema, there are prescription drugs available on prescription after individual assessment by a doctor. These are so-called antiviral drugs. They are available both as an ointment and in tablet form and relieve the symptoms, reduce the risk of infection and make the oral ulcer heal faster.

List of popular cold sore treatments:

  • Lysine
  • Zovirax
  • Betadine
  • Propovir
  • Nyal

It is important that the drugs are started early for the best effect. Therefore, do not wait to contact a doctor if you have severe and recurring problems with oral herpes. Herpes can flare up during, for example, stress or menstruation.

Some people get herpes outbreaks from being in the sun. You can prevent an oral herpes outbreak by, for example, protecting the lips and the area around the mouth from the sun. Dry and chapped lips can also increase the risk of new problems. Therefore, make sure to lubricate your lips regularly with softening ointment or stick. If you don’t already have symptoms of oral herpes, you should avoid kissing people with active cold sores.

Cold sore medicines for children

It is important to seek care immediately if an infant under six weeks of age suddenly develops blisters around the mouth or on any other part of the body. Very young children can become seriously ill from the herpes virus.

Most people get herpes already as children or teenagers. Not all children have symptoms the first time they get a herpes infection. Other children may have severe problems. They may develop a fever, swollen lymph nodes and angry blisters in the mouth and on the lips. The mucous membrane in the mouth can become swollen and start to bleed easily. This means that the child can be in a lot of pain and have difficulty eating and drinking. Contact the healthcare service if your child has blisters that make it difficult for the child to take in liquid. Sometimes children may need fluid therapy in hospital.

A teenager who gets their first herpes infection may show symptoms similar to those of strep throat.

Always ask at the pharmacy if an over-the-counter medicine for cold sores is suitable for your child before buying it. Some over-the-counter medicines should not be given to children under a certain age.